Maeve of Tara

Maeve ~

The name I chose for myself a year and a half ago.

The name I was given at some point in my childhood.

I still have no recollection of where I came in contact with this name. It is the name that has been calling to me all of my life. When it was time to cut the strings to the man who abused me and tried so very hard to break me, I knew it was time to take on the name of Maeve.

It is a name that means strength, perseverance, goddess, and shadows to me. It is a name that has become so fully my own that I have no doubt I was born with the name hiding inside of me. As I learn more of the Goddess Medb (ancient spelling of Maeve), the more I see myself in the recounts of her adventures. I see someone who is a goddess who is one with Mother Earth, the animals and plants that full this earth, and a just goddess. Seeing her under all of the Christianized versions of her tales as she walked this earth takes work. I don’t see her as the vindictive, brash, sexual queen who may or may not have been a goddess. I don’t see her as the jealous bitch the stories try to paint her as. She was strongly rooted in her femininity; her moon blood was of the utmost importance. And I believe that she reveled in worshiping the cycles of the moon and the earth, especially rejoicing during the times of harvest.

I chose the name Maeve of Tara for this space as Tara is the ancient home of the Celtic Gods and Goddesses. As I am pulling from being the namesake of the Goddess Mebd, and as my name is also Maeve, this is what I felt Spirit telling me to name this space.

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