Welcome to Maeve of Tara!

I am Maeve, a daughter of the Goddess Medb (ancient spelling of Maeve) whom I am named after. My desire is to learn and grow as a green witch. Learning of herbs and flowers and how they affect the body and the mind. I am a dark woman from the underworld as I carry a lot of shadows and darkness within me. I carry the scars of having been sexually abused as a child and I long to use those scars to help guide and heal the scars of my fellow childhood sexual abuse survivors. This will be my space of processing my learning and sharing information about the herbs and oils I have and am creating. This will also be a space for sharing rituals and practices I develop and follow and basically all things Pagan/Witchy.

A little bit about the name of this space:

Tara refers to the Mystical Underworld of ancestral Celtic paganism. The Goddess Medb is a Goddess of sovereignty, fertility and menstruation and feminine cycles,  the Goddess of cultivating the land and harvest, and is a Goddess of Feminine Strength and Power. Goddess Medb is known to have had golden birds perched on her shoulders, and her arms strewn with animals. She was known for her immense beauty and for kings to have to drink from her to have their rule blessed.

Where to follow me –

Shop at Shadow Rose Herbs & Co. – https://shadowroseherbsco.com/

Instagram – @medb_of_tara